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Pants Perfect

Why our pants are the perfect staple this spring...

History... The 18th century was the start of the pant revolution for women. Women before hand and later on were to be only seen in skirts or dresses, signifying there feminity. As time passed on, women wanted to be able to wear what they pleased. In the 20th century is where pants are seen and accepted for women to wear. Shift to today and we seen pants as powerful, feminie, manly, beautiful, and any word to describe a piece of clothing. Pants have come a long way for women's fashion, and are now a stable in any women's wardrobe. 

Trend... Many types of pants have come and gone with the trends, but few stay on our hangers as staples pieces. Wide legged pants of any fabric and on anyone is a timeless silhouette. High wasted jeans can be found in everyone's closet and dresser. Trouser pants are on the rise and we believe are here to stay. They provide a business causal, ready for business, and also trendy accompaniment. 

What we offer... At 525, we offer many of these trendy pieces as well as a few unique pieces. We source jeans of any style, high rise, wide leg, and ripped for any occasion. Our Harper Pants are the know trouser pants of the store and constantly re-order for the demand of them. Sweat Pants that provide comfort and style are always found in our store. 

Our favorite styles... Our favorite styles of course are the Harper Pants, they are so simple and easy to wear. Want to dress is down? Add a simple t-shirt and flats and you're ready to hit downtown. Want to dress it up? Add a button down and pumps and the night is awaiting you.